Our story begins almost 12 years ago, in a little town in Oregon, by the name of Ashland, where a group of kids came together to start a circus performance troupe called, El Circo. The group would gain recognition within the Burning Man culture for the extravagant parties they threw at the…



Results from the data:

  • 25 presidents were only fluent in one language. (English)
  • 44 presidents were fluent in a total of 78 languages. That comes out to 1.77 languages per president.
  • Only one president was fluent in Mandarin. (Herbert Hoover)
  • Only one president’s first language was not English. (Martin Van Buren—Dutch)
  • Thomas Jefferson was simply a boss for being fluent in 6 languages. (English, French, Greek, Italian, Latin & Spanish)
  • If you look at the last 12 presidents in the United States, 11 of them were only fluent in one language. So you could say that the typical US president today only needs to know one language, English.

(via cacioppo)